TechNews Daily 2016.12.13

13 Dec

Jack Dorsey to interview Edward Snowden on Periscope December 13
The Next Web
Tomorrow morning Periscope will play host to a live interview between Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and notorious CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden. According to a Twitter spokesperson the interview will feature questions submitted by the social networks users, and asked by the head honcho himself.

Instagram Live video is rolling out to everyone in the US
The Next Web
Following up on its announcement a few weeks ago, Instagram will be rolling out Live video in Stories to everyone in the US starting today. As a recap, you just need to swipe into the Stories camera mode and tap on the Live button. Live video disappear once you’re done recording, in the ephemeral way of today’s day and age. You can also check out some of the best ongoing footage by tapping on the “Top Live” section of the Explore tab.

Pokémon Go is finally getting new pokémon today
The Verge
Starting today Pokémon Go players will have to do some more work to catch ‘em all. Developer Niantic has announced that a slate of new pocket monsters are now available in the game, including the likes of Pichu, Togepi, and other pokémon pulled from the second generation Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Dropbox now has an Xbox One app
The Verge
Since the Xbox One runs a universal version of Windows 10, it’s easier then ever for developers to make apps for the video game console. Thus, we now have a Dropbox app for Xbox One.

In 2017, your phone’s camera will have superpowers
You could engage with augmented reality with a headset, and see 3D objects “projected” into your real world — something that’s usually called “mixed reality.” Augmented reality doesn’t need a headset, though. It can use your phone. In fact, it already does. 2016’s summer smash hit Pokemon Go was the most widespread use of AR ever seen.


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