Unigroup Settles on 200 B. RMY Projects in Chengdu

15 Dec

After taking over 51% stake in New H3C Group, a network equipment supplier, from HP China last year, Tsinghua Unigroup has been extending its reach to memory and a wide range of other fields, such as a litany of mega projects which it and New H3C just settled with Chengdu City Government.

The trio unveiled the mega projects at a contract-inking ceremony on Dec. 12, aiming to foray into a variety of fields, including chips, manufacturing, and cloud-end computing.

According to its framework agreement with the city government, Tsinghua Unigroup will forge a complete IC ecological network, covering R&D, manufacturing, and peripherals facilities, in Chengdu Science City in Sichuan Tianfu New Area, with total investments topping 200 billion yuan in scale.

Meanwhile, New H3 Group also inked a framework agreement with the city government, calling for cooperation in R&D on cloud-end computing, big data, and information security. In addition, the group signed a cooperative agreement with Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, aiming to establish a cloud-end computing headquarters and forge a cloud-end life cycle, at cost of 10 billion yuan, there.

The project came on the heels of the agreement signed by New H3C Group with Hefei City Government in late November, calling for establishing a base for information-security products in Hefei State Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, covering information security-related R&D and manufacturing in the fields of cloud-end computing, big data, chips, industry, network, and mobile communications. With total investment less than 2 billion yuan, the base is expected to generate 1 billion yuan of sales in the first year of operation. Schedule for groundbreaking and inauguration of the base has yet to be announced.

HP China announced formation of New H3C Group in May last year by merging its network-equipment affiliate H3C with its server, storage, and technical-service divisions before selling 51% stake in the new outfit to Unigroup at US$2.3 billion.