Instagram Crosses the 600 Million User Mark

17 Dec

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Instagram has really been making some serious upgrades to its platform of late. The past two months have seen the company launch a slew of new features including bookmarks, likable comments, live video, tags, Stories and more. It seems like the company’s efforts are paying off. The platform has managed to cross the 600 million user milestone.

Having 600 million users is no mean feat when companies like Twitter have less then 400 million. However, the pace of growth is what makes this achievement even more impressive. Consider this: Instagram took somewhere about 9 months to get from 400 M to 500 M monthly actives users. However, the next growth spurt that saw the company reach 600 million from the half a billion headcount took merely 6 months.

Not only is Instagram able to sustain growth, but is also able to actually pick up the pace. It is also doing well in Asian countries and said that it will continue giving the region its attention.

Meanwhile, all the updates that Instagram has added of late — updates that many say it copied off Snapchat — certainly have a role in propelling this growth. Stories for instance, has given people just one more reason to open Instagram — increasing user engagement. Similarly, the algorithmic feed that recently replaced the chronological one, is filling up the user feed with a better choice of content giving users more and more reasons to come back.

All in all, Instagram suddenly has a lot more things to do. Considering that most of the platform’s new features were introduced within this very quarter and have been welcomed by the audience, we can expect strong user growth from the platform for the next couple of quarters.

Well, it seems like Facebook has gotten itself another winner right there. Assuming that it can maintain its pace, it would be interesting to see where Instagram stands at this time next year.