Super Mario Beats Pokemon Go in Day One Downloads

19 Dec

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Well, records are certainly meant to be broken and even when the bar is so high that you can’t see it, someone is going to set it even higher, eventually. After the huge and unprecedented success received by Pokemon Go, who would have thought that the records set by it won’t even survive the year. Well, that is the case and Super Mario has just trampled upon one of those records.

In case you missed the news, Super Mario was launched for the iOS platform yesterday. We were certainly happy with the news. But who would have thought that the red capped Mario might pack more nostalgia than all the Pokemon put together?  Well, according to analytics firm Apptopia, Super Mario has managed to receive almost 2.85 million downloads on the day of its debut!

To draw a comparison, Pokemon Go had been downloaded around 900,000 times on the day it debuted. So that puts Super Mario at somewhere around three times ahead of the Pokemon franchise.

Although, there are a couple of factors that need to be considered. One, Super Mario was made available in well over 150 countries simultaneously. Pokemon GO on the other hand, was released in only about 3-4 countries before a staggered launch saw it get introduced to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, Apple hasn’t released any official numbers as of now. All we know is that Pokemon Go holds the record for most first-week downloads in App Store history. The game really picked up speed after the first day and by day 3-4 had been downloaded almost 5 million times. Plus, the fact that it had a staggered launch led to a growth curve that didn’t suddenly dip down.

Super Mario on the other hand, has been released everywhere at once. It also carries a $10 price tag for the full version whereas Pokemon Go was essentially free. So yeah, in the long run, Pokemon Go might just retain its title of the most popular game ever.

Meanwhile, lets hope that Super Mario does well because you know, Nintendo might just make up its mind to release all of its other fantastic titles on smartphones as well.

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