TechNews Daily 2016.12.19

19 Dec

Here’s why Facebook’s massive drone crashed in the Arizona desert
In June, Facebook flew a massive drone with a wingspan surpassing that of a Boeing 737 over the Arizona desert. The unmanned, autonomous aircraft stayed aloft for more than 90 minutes before it crashed upon landing.

Why your next chatbot should be human-augmented, not AI-augmented
Venture Beat
Chatbots hit a hot streak in 2016. It seemed like every week there was a new bot. Many of these bots faded as fast as they came on the scene. Most likely they weren’t backed up with a proper business model, and many of them overestimated the capacity of chatbot and AI to tackle problems.

Korea’s startup scene begins to diversify, reach beyond its own borders
Venture Beat
South Korea’s startup scene finally looks ready to go international. The Korean government is extending Korea’s international reach in startup circles through initiatives like its fintech bridge with the UK. It’s also encouraging international startups to enter Korea through programs like K-Startup Grand Challenge.

Bendable and foldable phones will break us from the smartphone rut
She pushed down hard on the rectangular phone and, like a slap bracelet, it cinched around her wrist. The audience gasped; the internet went wild.

Ebook: What you need to know to start a business in Japan
The Japanese startup ecosystem is rather young. Most people peg it around 20 years old, having started during the dotcom boom. At that time, tech companies were concentrated in Shibuya, a district of Tokyo which was referred to as “Bit Valley” – a play on its Japanese meaning of “Bitter Valley.” While there may be less total capital available for startups in Japan compared to other countries, there is also less competition for that capital, making this a great time to start a business.

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