USD$ 69 Is How Much You Will Pay to Buy An Apple AirPods Bud

19 Dec

AirPods, Apple’s new cordless earphones, has recently hit the market in Taiwan. However, following the launch, there is a concern- the cordless buds can be easily lost.

In fact, when Apple showcased AirPods before they became available, members of the foreign press were once in contact with Apple, asking if any tracker systems would come along with the products.  Though Apple announced at that time that there’s no ‘Find My iPhone’ equivalent for AirPods, it promised that users can ‘find’ their lost AirPods bud by buying a new single replacement.

Recently, Apple has also released its service pricing page, on which the warranty of AirPods and the price of its charging case are also included. Like other Apple products, AirPods is also covered under the Apple One Year Limited Warranty. Yet, the Warranty covers neither human-caused damages such as dropping phones in water, nor natural battery wear developing over the time. Undoubtedly, it won’t cover that either if an AirPod is missing.



▲ The Costs of Replacing Apple AirPods in the US(Source:Apple

In the Page, Apple tells that a single bud replacement cost users USD$ 69. Surprisingly, USD$ 69, the high cost of a bud considered as  ‘penalty fee’, is actually less than half of the original price considering AirPods are priced at USD$ 159 in the States. It is speculated that Apple identifies that single-bud buyers are AirPods users through a tracking system. In addition, users are only allowed to make this purchase in B&M Apple retail stores instead of from online channel shops.

In terms of other services, Apple provides free replacement for defective batteries still in warranty. However, users have to pay a battery-service fee of USD$ 49 to have their out-of-warranty batteries fixed. A thing worth noting is that all the prices on the page are counted per AirPod, and so is that of the charging case.

What did Apple say in response to the speculation that AirPods are easily lost or drop easily from ears? Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, didn’t take it too seriously and instead replied with confidence that he thought it’s easier for regular earphones to drop by cords being pulled; while cordless AirPods fitted and attached well to his ears as he jogged, walked, and even danced.