After a Great Start, Super Mario’s Growth Rate Starts Showing Signs of Decline

24 Dec

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Super Mario finally appears to be losing some of its steam. The game, which received a huge reception when it was first launched a week ago on iOS devices, is showing signs of having run through its first wind. According to data coming from analytics firms, game downloads have started decreasing in numbers.

Super Mario has been a huge success and its success has led many to draw comparisons between the game and Pokemon Go. Initially, Super Mario appeared to be gaining an edge thanks to the aggressive marketing it received along with the fact that it received an opening in over 100 countries. According to a report from slice, not only was the game able to surpass 40 million downloads in just four days time, but it also accounted for almost 30 percent of all game spending on iOS devices on the first few days — thanks to the $10 tag.


However, there was a flip side to this high price as well and it ended up receiving a lot of 1-star reviews as disgruntled users who received access to only a few levels in the free version expressed their displeasure. The ratings had a very material impact as Nintendo shares also registered a remarkable drop in the following days.

Interestingly, the newer generation is also exhibiting a lot of interest in the game and indeed, accounted for most of the spending. This is in contrast to expectations, where everyone was expecting nostalgia to be the major driving factor for the game and drive its success. However, instead of the 90s generation — who originally played the game on Nintendo consoles — the newer generation is splurging on trying their hands at sending some turtles spinning.

In a wider context though, Pokemon Go certainly appears to be the winner, thanks to the staggered launch which seemed to have played in its favor.

Also, the purchasing model between the two games varies widely. While Pokemon Go requires you to make purchases only when you want to, you absolutely need to shell out $10 if you want to enjoy Super Mario Run.

While the game’s launch day was impressive, the population of spenders declined the next two days. This trend differs from Pokémon GO’s trajectory, which took nine days to reach its peak paying population. When Pokémon GO did reach its nadir on July 15, the number of in-game spenders was 74 percent larger than Super Mario Run’s launch day.

Slice Intelligence generated this data by a study of over 4.4 million online shoppers.

Meanwhile, Super Mario Run’s android iteration is expected to launch early next year and may, just may, carry a somewhat lighter price tag.