TCL May Launch a Couple of Brand New BlackBerry Devices at the CES

24 Dec

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

BlackBerry washed its hands off hardware manufacturing this year. The company took this decision in order to focus more of its attention on the profitable software arm and to let go of the mobile manufacturing business, that was mostly redundant. The company dropped off its manufacturing processes onto TCL, which announced that it was becoming the major global partner for BlackBerry.

In case you are unaware of it, TCL Corporation is a Chinese multinational electronics company that is based out of headquartered in Huizhou. The company is responsible for designing, developing, manufacturing and selling a whole bunch of electronic products such as television sets, mobile phones and so on.

TCL’s partnership with BlackBerry covers the globe excluding the countries of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia. As per the terms of the partnership, TCL will handle everything associated with the manufacturing, sale, distribution and service of future BlackBerry handsets.

TCL is also receiving access to BlackBerry’s vaunted security software and service suite and all the other associated brand assets. The companies had previously partnered up to create the DTEK series of secure smartphones. However, the partnership that was announced by TCL last week is likely to give the company a greater say in the manufacturing of the new smartphones.

That said, we are likely to get a glimpse of what the future holds in store in a couple of weeks, when the CES event kicks off. TCL in a statement talked about how it would

unveil more news at CES around our plans, showcasing the legacy of the BlackBerry smartphone brand, while also giving a glimpse into what new BlackBerry smartphones will offer.

Going by the DTEK series of devices, we can expect mid-range to semi-premium devices with the Android operating system overlaid with some of BlackBerry’s highly secure software. TCL is relying upon the devices as well as the BlackBerry branding to increase its standing on a global level.

Well, BlackBerry and Nokia? We really are about to witness a resurgence of what used to be some of the biggest brands around!