Sharp Resumes Semiconductor Business for Vertical Integration of Camera Modules

30 Dec

Tai Jeng-wu, president of Sharp, pointed out that Sharp will deploy actively in semiconductor business, via investment or takeover, in order to materialize vertical integration of its camera module operation, reports Nikkei Shimbun.

Tai, already in the office for over four months, revealed the plan to return to the semiconductor field in a letter to Sharp employees the other day. He noted that the plan is already underway and will be carried out via investments or acquisition of core facilities or manufacturing technologies, according to the report.

Tai further pointed out that in addition to the effort forging an 8K TV ecological system and accelerating the development of IoT-based smart families, Sharp has been developing 4.5-generation OLED panel production line. According to its schedule, the company will roll out 8K TV in 2018.

Asahi Shimbun also reports that Sharp’s factory in Fukuyama of Hiroshima prefecture plans to develop ICs for image processing, an effort being overseen by Liu Yang-wei, general manager of Hon Hai’s digital-product business group, who is sitting on the board of directors of Sharp.

Sharp stepped into semiconductor business in 1970s, having accumulated since then solid technological strength in the fields of optics, camera-lens modules, image sensing ICs, panel drive IC, sensor, and red-light laser. In the future, it will extend its reach to electric-car or AR radar technology, AMOLED, panel drive IC, and IoT sensors, among others.

Beforehand, an executive in IC assembly industry predicted that Hon Hai will have greater demand for IC after takeover of Sharp. Therefore, the group has been deploying in ASIC actively, including IC design.

Image: Shutterstock