Turing Robot, Cooperating with baihe.com, Represents the Worlds’ First “Relationship-Practicing Robot”

30 Dec

As is showed in the latest big hit West World, the fast development of Bionic Robot may take us by surprise in the future, and we are all looking forward to its coming. In responds, Turing Robot cooperating with baihe.com represents the worlds’ first “Relationship-Practicing robot” late this December, aiming for helping singles practicing on developing and maintaining a relationship. There’s also a hit video shows how the robot works, which looks much like going on a blinding date most young people has experienced on their own before.

The robot is characterized as a single young lady around 26 years old and 165 cm in height, with a beautiful face and slim figures, which are all the most popular features in single men’s eyes when looking for marriage partners. Besides, the robot’s skin is soft with temperature that makes her feels like a real woman. Even though the real robot is not available for purchase yet, users can already experience interacting with it online.

As an outcome of cooperation between an AI company and a match-making website, the “Relationship-Practicing robot” perfectly combined AI and bionic robots technology, as well as taking in baihe.com’s numerous membership database. With Turing Robot’s intelligent robot brain, it can communicate with human vividly and fluently, making the experience much like being on a real date with a human female. Also, the big data in marriage and relationships enables the robot to act as a relationship expert guiding its users better getting along with the opposite sex.

The upcoming of the “Relationship-Practicing robot” may accelerate the speed of Robotic girlfriend/boyfriend’s stepping into daily life. Experts expect that scenes showed in series and movies may come into real world sooner than we thought.

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