TechNews Daily 2016.12.31

31 Dec

Take better smartphone pics in 2017 with these fantastic Clip & Snap lenses (75% off)
The Next Web
Smartphone cameras have steadily improved over the years, but if you’re trying to pull extreme close-ups or other artistic flourishes you’ll still likely be disappointed. Thankfully, this Clip and Snap Camera Lenses Set frees you from the shackles of factory-setting image quality — for good.

The troubled history of VR and why next year will make it or break it
The Next Web
Like every child growing up in the Nineties, I spent a good chunk of my time watching the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. But in laying the foundation for being an adult geek, there was another show I liked much better.

What Ford is doing right with the Fusion Hybrid autonomous car
Venture Beat
Tesla deserves the credit for leading the automotive industry forward with a self-driving car that’s available now and lets you drive (mostly) hands-free and feet-free. Yet there’s another company that plans to make a statement at CES 2017 next week.

Why AI will dominate the conversation at CES 2017
Venture Beat
AI is everywhere. At CES 2017 next week, it will become even more prevalent.

Amazon’s Digital Day is like Cyber Monday but for downloads
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, Prime Day and now; Digital Day? Because there’s never enough days dedicated to deals, Amazon announced that Friday, December 30 will be Digital Day with sales on your downloads — TV shows, music, apps, games, eBooks and other software.

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