Consumer Reports Still Not Recommending Apple’s Macbook Pro

3 Jan

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Apple is a multinational technology company which is popular all over the world because of its’ wide range of hardware and software products. Though Apple products are usually considered reliable and long lasting, its’ recent product, MacBook Pro has been facing a bit of flak from Consumer Reports.

Although it is the best – selling laptop of the year and brings in a new keyboard paradigm for qwerty-based keyboards, Consumer Reports is not recommending it due to battery life issues. According to the tests done by Consumer Reports, one MacBook Pro model ran 16 hours in one test and less than four hours in the next. Another ran an amazing 19.5 hours of battery life in its best test, and dropped to a disappointing 4.5 hours in its worst.

Consumer Reports is not ready to perform retests as they are confident of their findings and have said that their tests are performed in controlled environments and are closely monitored. What’s more, their findings are reiforced by the fact that many early users of the MacBook Pro units had also reported battery life issues.

According to Consumer Reports, with the touch bar (a touch-sensitive strip above the keyboard that changes functions based on the software running on screen), the model ran for 16 hours, 12.75 hours and just 3.75 hours in three different trials. Without the touch bar, the model worked for 19.5 in one trial but only 4.5 in the next.

Such varying results are the main reason stopping Consumer Reports from recommending this laptop to users.

Meanwhile, Apple has taken cognizance of the fact. According to Apple’s Senior Vice President of worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, they are working with Consumer Reports to understand their battery tests as their results do not match Apple’s lab tests. Apple claims the MacBook Pro to have over 10 hours battery life. However, Consumer Reports is a brand that has build its credibility over 8 decades of reporting, as such Apple would do better to ensure that it finds a way to appease them.