Hyundai Announces Brand New Vehicular Integration with Google Assistant

5 Jan

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Hyundai’s Blue Link service, in addition to offering automatic emergency support, allows car owners to control their Hyundai vehicle remotely. The service has now announced an integration with Google Home/Google Assistant.

Previously, Hyundai offered integrations with Android Wear, the Apple Watch and Alexa- powered speakers. Now it has taken one more step towards the digital future by integrating its vehicles with the voice Assistant powered Google home. The same was announced by the company at the consumer’s electronic show (CES), which is currently taking place in LA.

Google Home is a speaker and the device is powered by the Google Assistant software which allows users to perform a variety of tasks and get real-time answers using just voice commands. After this integration though, the assistant will also power many things inside select Hyundai models. The integration will allow people to give voice commands, request the car to be started, play their favorite music and even lock or unlock the doors.

In addition to the provisions offered by the Blue Link Service, the service also supports Google maps. So Google’s AI can look up addresses using the maps, deliver the results and send directions to the car all through voice control. Most of your commands to Google Home would require you to provide your Blue Link Pin as engineers have developed it so that it is directly linked to the customer’s Blue Link account.

Once a customer has successfully linked his or her account, remote service commands will only be sent to Hyundai Vehicles after the Google Assistant asks and confirms the unique Blue Link Identification number. Hyundai’s implementation is one of the first integrations for controlling a car with a digital home assistant and it will propel us further towards a future where Artificial Intelligence takes care of all menial chores for us. Get your engine running while you are locking the door when you are in a rush to go somewhere, or lock doors when you are getting out of your car.

The company claims that it will be adding more features before it launches the Action for Google Home. Meanwhile, these features are not free and remote locking start costs $199 a year. Guidance through Assistant on the other hand, would require you to shell out $99.