TSMC Dismisses Corrupt Employee

5 Jan

Following the outbreak of an unprecedented corruption at TSMC, the world’s largest contract IC maker, the company has dismissed the culprit of the scandal and demanded huge compensation from him via legal means, in line with the instruction of Morris Chang, chairman, for a thorough probe of the scandal, according to print media.

Insiders point out, report the media, that the corruption was tipped off to TSMC’s legal affairs department by a Japanese firm, which has paid monthly “consulting fee” to an engineer, surnamed Kuo, at the testing department over the past 10 years, but still failed to pass the company’s certification, a prerequisite for joining the ranks of the company’s suppliers.

In a rage, Morris Chang ordered a thorough investigation of the case. TSMC has reportedly fired engineer Kuo, in addition to suing him for a compensation 50 times the bribe he has received. In a statement released on Jan. 4, the TSMC pointed out that Kuo collected NT$10,000 consulting fee a month from the Japanese company, for a sum of over NT$1 million, a far cry from the reported bribe of over NT$1 billion. Kuo already left the company in November 2016.

TSMC received the tipoff from the Japanese firm in June 2016. It was found that Kuo took the money, without the approval of the company, in the belief that he can help the Japanese firm pass the certification with his expertise. The company has issued a letter to its suppliers asking them to abide by the norm of ethics.

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