TechNews Daily 2017.01.06

6 Jan

The startup that tracks your emotions by how you touch your smartphone
Ranjan Kumar and I sit in an office above the streets of Bangalore. The golden afternoon light on the city outside contrasts with the neat blue-white of the space. I’ve just asked him about feelings, something that’s made him leap out of his chair in excitement and begin drawing on a board.

Razer Project Valerie is a gaming laptop with a triple-screen surprise
Every year at CES, Razer is a good for a couple of cool PC prototypes or concept pieces. The inventive tech company was once best known for its hard-core gaming accessories, like mice and keyboards, but has quickly become a leader in the laptop category with its Blade systems.

This phone’s molecular sensor knows which strawberry is sweeter and how much fat you have
The Verge
To be honest, I didn’t know we could do this yet. Welcome to the future, Paul. SCiO is a miniaturized near-infrared spectrometer, which detects the molecular signature of things. It was Kickstarted a couple years ago, and now it’s been miniaturized small enough to fit inside a phone. Specifically, it’s inside the new Changhong H2.

9 of the biggest trends to watch out at CES 2017
The Next Web
CES is the world’s biggest tech event. With nearly 200,000 attendees flooding into the Las Vegas strip for a week, the conference shines a light on much of gear we’ll be using over the years to come.

This Shanghai-based startup is showing off its AR magnifier at CES
At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, NEOBEAR is debuting MAGNEO, an AR intelligent device developed for children, allowing them to better understand the world and greatly broaden their imagination. Recognized with a CES 2017 Innovation Award, children can use it and special AR cards to learn math, writing, and more.