TechNews Daily 2017.01.07

7 Jan

Samsung predicts biggest profits in three years, just three months after Note 7 recall
The Verge
It’s been less than four months since Samsung was forced to issue an embarrassing recall of one of its flagship phones, but the company has announced that it is expecting a big increase in year-on-year operating profit for the fourth quarter of 2016. In Q4 earnings guidance, published today, Samsung said it was expecting a consolidated operating profit of 9.2 trillion won (about $7.2 billion) for the period — almost double the 6.14 trillion won (about $5.2 billion) in profit it received in the same quarter last year.

Sony wants you to stop touching (or talking to) your car’s infotainment system
The Next Web
SoftKinetic, a Belgian company acquired by Sony last year, allowed me to demo some of the impressive sensor technology it’s adding to current-model BMW 5 and 7 series cars.

Google Calendar wants to help you lose all that holiday weight with new fitness features
The Next Web
If you’ve made a new year’s resolution to get in shape, you might find Google Calendar handy, thanks to its latest update.

I played Cards Against Humanity with Pepper the robot at CES
With eyes like saucers and a cute button nose, Pepper the robot is instantly recognisable. I first met Pepper in Tokyo back in April, and there’s barely been a tech event I’ve been to since that Pepper hasn’t also attended.

This selfie drone can fit in your pocket
We’ve seen selfie drones before, but there aren’t many that are about the size of smartphone. The Hobbico C-Me is $200 foldable micro drone that is capable of snapping photos and videos.