Flipboard And BlueFocus Partner To Establish Flipboard China, A Beijing-Based Joint Venture

11 Jan

Today Flipboard, Inc. and BlueFocus, a leading China-based communication group, announce the creation of Flipboard China, a joint venture that will serve to accelerate Flipboard’s product and advertising business in China. Operating in what has become one of Flipboard’s largest markets, the Flipboard team in China is now positioned to grow even more quickly as an independent entity empowered to hire, develop and partner with local publishers and advertisers.

“Partnered with BlueFocus, Flipboard is now ready to expand its premium advertising solutions to China while accelerating progress on a product experience tailored for the high-end Chinese market. We are excited to expand the already excellent team in Beijing and fully empower them to move fast,” said Mike McCue, Flipboard founder and CEO.

“The partnership between BlueFocus and Flipboard will take advantage of the many advertising synergies between the two companies. The promising China market and the extensive partner network behind BlueFocus will pave the way for the expansion of Flipboard’s business and market positioning in the category of intelligent news platforms in China. We believe this will ultimately bring benefits to the joint venture as well as to Flipboard users,” said Lucia He, Vice President at BlueFocus.

Flipboard U.S. and Flipboard China will continue working together on advertising opportunities, global partnerships, as well as editorial and user best practices. Flipboard China will be able to build its own technology and infrastructure, allowing them to more deeply customize the product for Chinese users. Further, BlueFocus will work with the Flipboard China team to develop innovative mobile advertising opportunities for the fast-growing Chinese market.

Starting immediately, the Beijing-based Flipboard executive director Jing Zhao will become the CEO of Flipboard China. The team of 25, including engineers, marketers and business leads, will be part of the Flipboard China organization, reporting to Mr. Zhao. The joint venture will be managed by a board consisting of Hugo Buret of Flipboard, Lucia He of BlueFocus and Mr. Zhao, representing Flipboard China.