Richard Lee: Inventec to See Better Performance in 2017 with Focus on Foreign Exchange Risk Control

11 Jan

Leading notebook PC and cloud server contract manufacturer Inventec held its annual celebration party on January 6, 2017. Before the party, Inventec Chairman Richard Lee shared his prospects for 2017 during a media interview. Lee says the information presented by each business unit shows that Inventec will enjoy stronger sales performance in 2017 than in 2016. Therefore, Lee is cautiously optimistic about the company’s profitability in 2017.

Lee emphasizes that Inventec enjoyed an outstanding year in 2016 with 10% sales growth and every quarterly profit target reached. While the company faced large foreign exchange losses in the first three quarters, the situation improved and resulted in a foreign exchange gain in the fourth quarter. That said, Inventec still failed to meet its annual profit target due to foreign exchange losses. Therefore, actions must be taken from the beginning of 2017. Lee hopes foreign exchange losses will no longer be a problem in 2017 and expects the company to do a better job on foreign exchange risk management.


Lee also expresses concern over the global political economic landscape. However, Lee believes it is business owners’ responsibility to make the most of their strengths no matter what difficulties and challenges they face. With devoted employees, Lee has great confidence in the future of Inventec.

According to Lee, Inventec is expected to ship approximately 100 million PCs and servers in 2017 along with steady shipments of smartphones. However, the shipments will be lower than the 2016 level due to a slowdown in market growth. All in all, Inventec’s financial results for 2017 are forecast to outperform 2016 and its PC, server, and smartphone shipment goals will be reached.

Inventec’s 2017 annual celebration which accommodated 470 tables was held at Nangan Exhibition Hall in Taipei City. Inventec Corp founder Yeh Kuo-yi, Chariman Richard Lee, and executives from Inventec’s subsidiaries including IAC, Inventec Solar Energy, BESTA, and AIMobile as well as the company’s 4000 employees all joined in the celebration. Besides the most coveted prize, the NT$200,000 cash award, the company also invited famous singers to perform at the party to show appreciation for the employee’s hard work throughout the year.

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