TechNews Daily 2017.01.12

13 Jan

Victim uses live streaming to document alleged sexual harassment
The woman involved in the sexual molestation case that landed a Beijing high-tech executive in jail for five days says she’s just a student seeking justice and not a wanghong (网红 or internet celebrity in English) using the incident to get more popular.

This Shanghai startup is making it easier to brew beer at home
We have seen a lot of connected coffee machines last year, from Auroma Brewing Company to Smarter Coffee. This year in CES 2017, iGulu, the company behind an automated home beer brewing machine, won CES 2017 Innovation Awards honoree in the Smart Home product category.

Consumer Reports has shifted its stance on the MacBook Pro after a software fix
The Next Web
Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro was the first of its kind not to receive the coveted ‘buy’ recommendation from Consumer Reports. The recommendation to pass on Apple’s newest laptop offering stemmed from inconsistencies that saw users report anywhere from 3.75 to 19.5 hours of battery life. After a software fix, and a re-test over the holidays, Consumer Reports altered its rating to ‘buy.’

Inside Twitter, employees reckon with Trump
The Verge
Inside Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, the run-up to the US presidential election played out much as it did elsewhere. Most employees went about their business assuming Hillary Clinton would win, and Donald Trump would be relegated to a historical footnote. His antics on the platform, where he regularly barrages opponents with insults, were viewed largely with amusement.

Why Intel is excited about self-driving cars
Venture Beat
There was a time when computer chip makers had no interest in car electronics. But times have changed as self-driving cars and the artificial intelligence used to pilot them have taken off. Now those cars are set to consume a huge amount of computing power and generate a ton of data to be processed in the cloud, internet-connected data centers.


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