Consumer Reports Finally Recommends the Newest Macbook Pro from Apple

14 Jan

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Well, the sun is finally rising in the east again and Apple’s latest Macbook Pro won’t have to bear the stigma of being the first to not be recommended by Consumer Reports. The publication appears to have sorted out the issues that were causing the highly irregular battery life.

There was a mini avalanche amongst Apple fans, when Consumer Reports, one of the oldest and most venerable publications currently around, refused to recommend the company’s prized Macbook Pro. This in itself wouldn’t have been particularly strange for any other brand or any other device however, Macbook had always received the publication’s seal of approval and Apple instantly engaged into dialogue to find out the source of Consumer Report’s discontent.

Well, it turned out that the Macbook Pro performed highly irregularly in the tests conducted by Consumer Reports. Particularly in the battery life tests, the Macbook Pro exhibited battery lives ranging from an extremely low 3.75 hours to an impressive 19.5 hours. While the latter result was to be expected and is in accordance with Apple’s own results, the Cupertino giant was totally nuh-uh at the thought of its precious Macbook Pro batteries lasting less than 4 hours.

What followed later was a period over which both the entities got together to put on their thinking caps and sort out the issue. After much head scratching, it was finally discovered that the issue was being caused due to an “obscure and intermittent bug” that was activated whenever the browser cache for Safari was tunred off — which was what Consumer Reports was doing during the course of its tests.

The company has since then issued an update to fix the issue. Consumer Reports has performed new tests and the results obtained are much more consistent — not to mention impressive — leading to the publication’s seal of approval that has been granted to the latest Macbook Pro.

As per Consumer Reports,

With the updated software, the three MacBook Pros in our labs all performed well, with one model running 18.75 hours on a charge. We tested each model multiple times using the new software, following the same protocol we apply to hundreds of laptops every year.

So yeah, in case you wanted to buy the new Macbooks, you have the Consumer Reports blessings to go with you.

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