TechNews Daily 2017.01.20

20 Jan

Mobile medical healthcare trends in China, part 1: China’s health
Mobile technology, social media, and e-commerce seem to dominate the conversation when it comes to digital technology in China. The healthcare industry, which traditionally lags in digital innovation relative to its peers, ranks among the least innovative sectors. New technologies pose a significant challenge for the healthcare sector, but also represent a tremendous opportunity for innovation and individualization of treatment to suit patients’ needs. Progress in digital technology has already left a radical mark on Chinese consumer behaviors and lifestyles; the healthcare industry should follow suit by moving quickly to embrace digital innovations. Private digital investment in the health industry reached $1.4 billion for the first semester of 2016, surpassing total investment in 2015.

Alphabet’s Google Buys Mobile App Tool Fabric From Twitter
Bloomberg Technology
Google isn’t buying Twitter Inc., but it’s buying one of Twitter’s remaining parts. Alphabet Inc.’s online search division agreed to purchase Fabric, a Twitter business that provides a software toolkit for mobile apps. The companies didn’t disclose financial terms.

Watch Tesla’s new Ludicrous Plus mode crush Faraday’s claimed 0-60 time (by 0.001s)
The Next Web
Faraday Future made a big deal out of its FF91’s 2.39 second 0-60 time, which would theoretically be able to beat Tesla’s P100D 2.5 second Ludicrous Mode. But then Elon Musk fired back with an to yet another update to the vehicle, with a new ‘Ludicrous Plus’ mode essentially matching the FF91 at 2.4 seconds.

War-torn South Sudan gets its very first Global Game Jam, despite UN warnings of genocide
The Next Web
As violence escalates in the worlds youngest nationstate of South Sudan, an unexpected event has popped up; the countries’ very first Global Game Jam in capital city Juba. I spoke to organizer Lual Mayen to ask him how he went about organizing such a lighthearted event in a country that’s on the brink of a “Rwanda-like” genocide, according to the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Adoptly, the Tinder for child adoption, is indistinguishable from parody
The Verge
Technology startups are fleeting and prone to failure, cropping up and disappearing as fast as our screen-addled attention spans. But rarely does one stick out quite like Adoptly, an apparently earnest attempt at making a Tinder-like mobile app for child adoption. The four-person operation, which quietly launched a Kickstarter campaign last week, says it wants to connect prospective parents with adoptable children.

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