Could Amazon be Eying VR as a Way for Us to Shop Better?

21 Jan

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

While Google, Facebook and all of their big corporate buddies are off playing with Virtual reality and trying to create the next machine that will change the world, Amazon has been rather quite. And that is rather strange for a company that has some of the largest e-commerce and cloud operations in the world.

Well, a recent job filing from Amazon’s A9 division suggests that the company may be looking to introduce the element of VR into the whole shopping experience. A9 incase you are unaware of it is a part of Amazon that is involved with product search, advertising tech and other futuristic technology including VR.

The company has posted a job filing in which it has professed its desire to hire a creative director, who will be tasked with overseeing the company’s future.

The job description also says that the person picked for creative director will,

Work with technology partners, and with content creators such as internal and external studios, to understand unmet needs and identify new opportunities to deliver unique VR experiences through innovative technology. Work with hardware and software partners as necessary to specify and implement new features.

And the requirements also include at least 5 years worth of experience working with VR technologies including capture, HMD, tracking, audio, and platform.

Well, that sounds interesting. The future of Amazon’s VR solutions involves capture, tracking and platform? What’s more, the advertisement claims that the particular division in question is building Amazon’s VR shopping experience for use by millions of customers on a wide variety of VR devices.

I mean wow. VR Shopping experience? For use by millions of customers? Wide variety of VR devices? Amazon seems to have it all planned out well in advance and the actual execution appears to be the only thing that has been left out. Meanwhile, this could mean that Amazon wants customers to shop in VR — although its uncertain if the company was planning upon a VR store you could walk around in shop or something simpler.

VR would definitely give customers a closer look at the wares on offer and could potentially bring a revolution in the way we shop. Meanwhile, let’s see if the company discloses some more information on the topic in the future. And if you have that kind of qualification with you, feel free to apply for the job.