Former Google SVP Amit Singhal Joins Uber as SVP of Engineering

23 Jan

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Uber has added a new  member to its community. Amit Singhal who was the former  Senior Vice President of Search and Employee number 176 at  tech giant Google, has been hired as the Senior Vice President  of Engineering at Uber.

Singhal had contributed to Google for 15 long years and is now starting afresh with Uber. As the new SVP of engineering, he would be heading the Maps and Marketplace departments at Uber.  He will also act as an advisor to CEO Travis Kalanick and VP of  Engineering and Otto Co- founder, Anthony Levandowski.

Singhal will be advising them on their efforts to construct  Uber’s self-driving technology. The decision to make Amit Singhal the SVP, has its roots to the day when Singhal met Kalanick through a mutual friend the duo eventually got started discussing about Uber’s goals and it’s technical challenges.

Singhal said that this conversation left a  footprint in his mind and he couldn’t refuse this opportunity.  He also said

This company [Uber] also has some of the toughest computer science challenges that I have seen in my career of 25 years. Those computer  science challenges for a computer science geek are just  intriguing- you give a geek a puzzle, they can’t drop it; they  need to solve the puzzle. That’s how it felt to me.

Uber is now a household name and it’s trustful nature lets passengers commute with ease. Amit was drawn to the  company because of its potential to impact people’s lives.  According to him, Uber addresses mobility issues and offers  mobility to even those people who otherwise wouldn’t have as easy access to it.

Uber has had its bad days too. The company has been  subjugated to regulatory setbacks, faced a $20 million FTC  settlement this week and a protest regarding its perceived close ties to the upcoming Trump administration. This has  bought the company to a pretty hard position — fighting technical  and financial challenges.

On being asked whether he will be  able to solve this problem, Singhal very boldly remarked,

 The hard problem is what we are here to solve. 

We wish Mr. Singhal good luck for his future endeavors  and hope that he will be able to set milestones through his journey in Uber.

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