TechNews Daily 2017.01.23

23 Jan

This company is changing how China moves
China is a big country with big cities and big roads. Imagine what it must feel like to know that the closest subway station or bus stop is 20-30 minutes away. Imagine getting in your car at 2 pm on a Thursday thinking that the traffic should be okay only to find that traffic definitely isn’t okay. Imagine taking a cab to the nearest supermarket because it would take 30 minutes to walk there.

China’s fintech is leaving the rest of the world behind
China is emerging as a leading fintech market on a global scale. Half of the global investment in financial technology is happening in Asia, especially China, according to the World Economic Forum.

This company wants to bring AR-powered treasure hunt to K-pop fans
Being a fan means you start to put interest and context around your loved one. VREX is a Korean startup wants to mingle fan power with AR technology to digitally connect fans with their loved stars.

Singapore Press Holdings’ startup accelerator is officially dead
SPH Plug and Play, the startup accelerator of Singapore’s largest newspaper publisher, has officially been declared dead.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 won’t be at Mobile World Congress this year
The Verge
Every year for the past three, Samsung has used the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona to unveil its latest Galaxy S flagship phone. That won’t be the case in 2017, however — the company’s mobile head DJ Koh tells Reuters that it won’t have the Galaxy S8 in tow.




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