TechNews Daily 2017.01.24

24 Jan

Are China’s bike-sharing platforms really part of the sharing economy?
China’s O2O market has seen quite a few companies doing interesting things, some succeeding, some failing. The latest hot vertical is bike-sharing.

This is LG’s G6 smartphone, coming February 26th
The Verge
Mobile World Congress will be missing its usual Samsung flagship star in Barcelona next month, but there’s another Korean company ready to fill the void. LG has set a February 26th date for the unveiling of the G6, its next flagship Android phone, and The Verge has obtained the first image of the upcoming phone.

Samsung’s Note 7 apology was full, humble, and nerdy
The Verge
The Galaxy Note 7 started life looking like Samsung’s best ever smartphone: it combined the huge screen and stylus of a phablet with the petite dimensions of a regular smartphone. But it also had a fatal battery flaw, which led it to overheat and catch fire, turning what was meant to be Samsung Mobile’s glorious apogee into its ignominious nadir. On Sunday night, Samsung streamed an exhaustive 50-minute presentation, covering the findings from its battery fault investigation, and it started things off on the right note.

New FCC chairman Ajit Pai wants to kill net neutrality
The Next Web
Following an arduous battle spanning several months from May 2014, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), under the able leadership of former chairman Tom Wheeler, managed to establish net neutrality in the country in February 2015.

Samsung warns of political risks even as Q4 operating profit increased 50%
Venture Beat
Samsung Electronics on Tuesday said it expects profit growth in 2017 despite challenges arising from political uncertainty, after record chip earnings glossed over the Note 7 smartphone fiasco in the fourth quarter.

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