Nokia Has a New Digital Assistant for Engineers, and Its Called MIKA

31 Jan

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

MIKA stands for “Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant”. And it is the name of a brand new voice assistant from Nokia. However, before your imagination zooms into overdrive and you start dreaming of a device with the ruggedness of Nokia 1100 and its own AI assistant living inside — MIKA is meant exclusively for the purpose of letting engineers and telecom operators access information through voice commands.

Announcing the new assistant, Nokia said:

Nokia has created a customized ‘digital assistant’ that will improve telecom operators’ efficiency by providing engineers faster access to critical information.

The assistant has been designed with the express purpose of answering questions for engineers, telecom operators and the like. So here is where its basic difference from your run of the mill AI lies. While Siri or Cortana could be expected to do stuff like provide whether updates and tell you match scores, MIKA could be used to receive answers to complicated engineering problems.

‘MIKA’ – powered by the Nokia AVA cognitive services platform and underpinned by Nokia’s services expertise – will provide voice-dictated automated assistance to reduce time spent searching information resources, enabling operators to focus on key business tasks without being distracted by the complexities of multi-technology network environments.

The company believes that using MIKA could help give technical employees more than one hour of productive time every day! It could do so by proviing engineers with easy access to information and recommendations through an interactive UI that saves them the hassle of having to search around on Google.

Speaking on the topic, Igor Leprince, head of Global Services at Nokia, said:

Finding the right information is a daily challenge for telco engineers tasked with boosting network quality. MIKA taps into the power of the Nokia AVA platform to provide quick and accurate answers, avoiding time wasted on fruitless searches. MIKA is customized to support the specific needs of telecoms, and can deliver recommendations based on experience from networks around the world.

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t expect Nokia to jump into the bandwagon of smartphone manufacturers with their own, in-house AI. This particular AI has been created by Nokia, while the highly anticipated smartphone comes from HMD — which is a local company that has licensed out the rights to the Nokia brand name.

The upcoming Nokia smartphone that is to be unveiled at the MWC, is also more likely to pack one of the established AIs — most probably the Google Assistant — than MIKA. However, the company could attempt to build MIKA out as a full-fledged AI in the future.

With that said, it is good to see old Nokia back in the game.

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