Facebook Could be Working on an App to Bring Its Videos to the Telly

3 Feb

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

As per reports, Facebook is working on an App that could allow it to bring videos to your TV. Yup, you heard us right. The social networking platform is apparently working on an App that could allow users to stream Facebook content directly on their set top boxes — such as Apple TV.

The report comes from the The Wall Street Journal. According to them, Facebook is hard at work upon a spate of different projects that are meant to help the company make the shift from a mobile first company to a video first firm. To do that, Facebook would need o ensure that its videos are available for consumption through other channels as well. These other channels could include, you guessed it — the Television.

While the onset of the Internet and the general availability of smartphones and laptops have taken away from the allure of the television — it should be remembered that the telly is still an incredibly effective modicum of communication between brands and customers. And with the onset of smart boxes from the likes of Apple and others, the lines between the Internet and the normal TV are rapidly blurring. Facebook is looking to tap into this upcoming market with its video content.

Making this shift would put the company in front of millions of new eyevballs while also ensuring that advertisers have yet another channel to make use of.

And Facebook needs these other channels — which are what prompt me to think that this rumor could actually have a basis in fact. Facebook announced as early as last year that advertisements were slowing down as the company was nearing the saturation point of how many ads it could show to the audience. The company has since then been pushing videos as a place which has not yet been utilized to its full potential.

We have seen the company surface a spate of updates of late, including live videos, Stories, encouraging publishers to create longer and more engaging videos and finally, introducing new ways of leveraging advertisements by putting them bang in the middle of ads.

So yes, putting its video content on TV could be a big step forward for the company — not to mention that it would also provide it with a lot of new real estate to show its adverts in. Let’s see if we hear something about it tomorrow, when the company declares its fourth quarter earnings results.

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