Even More Leaked Photos of Samsung Galaxy S8 Surface Online, Show Off Minimal Bezels and On-Screen Buttons

23 Feb

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Though we still have to wait quite a long while to see the Samsung Galaxy S8 in its flesh, but freshly leaked photos leave pretty much nothing to the imagination. These are most likely the very first set of pictures of a working device and helps us better visualise the bezel-less display and lack of the prominent home button – that have been replaced by touch navigation controls.

These leaked images (set of four) for the Galaxy S8 have been posted by a tipster over on Twitter. Though the source looks a bit questionable, the images have been obtained from the production line of this China-based protective film maker, as it says in the tweet underneath.

These photos confirm some changes that we expect to see in Samsung’s upcoming flagship device. Firstly, you can see those beautifully crafted curves and minimal bezels that one expected to come packed in this device. It shows off the trimmed top and bottom bezel, complete with a full load of sensors (also possibly an iris scanner!?) and lack of a physical home button respectively.

These images also show off the always-on display which seems to be making a return with the Galaxy S8. The Edge features we are all pretty familiar with, can also be seen in the working display. But, if you take a second look, you will notice that the Galaxy S8’s display could also come with rounded corners, similar to one being sported by the LG G6. This could enable a crispier and intuitive user experience on the device.

As for the back of the device, which has not been included in this leak, we’re still unable to corroborate previous rumors about the camera and fingerprint sensor placement — which can either be on the left or right of the camera sensor. Alleged system dump leak for the Tab S3, spotted by Android Police, contains references to Galaxy S8’s design and the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor on the left of the lens. Though we would still recommend you to take these speculations with a grain of salt and wait for the official release that is possibly scheduled for March 29 – we’ll know for sure at MWC as Samsung plans to drop the deeds at their tablet-focused launch event.