Apple to Adopt OLED Displays on All iPhones by 2019

9 Mar

Apple is expected to release three new iPhone models later this year, and one of them will feature an OLED display. A new report from South Korea’s The Bell on Monday further suggests that Apple plans to shift all iPhones to OLED displays by 2019.

Apple will adopt OLED displays for 60 million units of the rumored iPhone 8 in 2017, corresponding to about 40 percent of its total shipment, The Bell reports. In addition, Apple will double the use of OLED displays by 2018 before producing OLED-only models by 2019.

Previous reports claimed that Samsung will be the major OLED supplier for Apple’s next iPhone in the initial stage. Apple has also decided to use South Korean FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) for the new model. According to The Bell, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, a subsidiary of the Samsung Group, Interflex and BH will be its suppliers. To meet Apple’s demand, the three South Korean manufacturers are said to start beefing up production.

For instance, Samsung Electro-Mechanics have invested KRW 100 billion (about USD 88 million) to expand production plant in Vietnam. Currently, its monthly production capacity of FPCB is at around 90,000 square meters. After the expansion, the number is expected to double.

Interflex also plans to expand production in China, Vietnam and South Korea at the cost of KRW 100 billion. In total, production capacity now stands at 295,000 square meters per month.

Meanwhile, BH has already increased its monthly production capacity to 220,000 square meters following an expansion at its Vietnamese plant.

However, all these reports about upcoming iPhones are just rumors so far. The truth will unveil when Apple launches its new model in September.