GeekPark ‘China Gathering’ Brings Chinese Tech Innovation to SXSW 2017

16 Mar

For the first time in its 31-year history, SXSW presented Chinese tech innovation with its partner from China to its Interactive session for 2017. GeekPark, a technology community featuring the very best of native Chinese companies, selected a handful of standout exhibitors to evangelize the quality, innovation and ingenuity of China’s native-born products, concepts and technologies. The China Gathering featured three panels at the JW Marriott in Austin, a dedicated area at the show floor of SXSW and a reception during SXSW 2017.

The panelists of GeekPark’s ‘China Gathering’ came together on Saturday, March 11 to discuss China’s advancement into a new age of innovation. The China Gathering event celebrated the country’s top technology representatives, products and brands.

“Working with the SXSW team, we are thrilled to bring these exhibitors to a global audience at the world’s premier celebration of interactive technology,” said Peng Zhang, founder and CEO of GeekPark.

GeekPark’s SXSW presence has been recognized by SXSW officials as an international expansion for the future of the interactive track of the convention.

“GeekPark has been incredibly helpful in recruiting many of the start-ups and companies for the China Gathering, making this event the biggest Chinese-related delegation ever in the 31-year history of SXSW. We hope to make this bridge even stronger in future years,” said Hugh Forrest, Chief Program Officer of SXSW.

Stationed at the JW Marriott hotel in Salon C, the China Gathering included three talks from the following GeekPark members and partners:

Peng Zhang, Founder and CEO of GeekPark
Yuan Zhou, Founder and CEO of Zhihu
Xiaojie Huang, CEO of Baofeng Mojing
Yin Zhang, Co-founder and CTO of Philm
Lei Chen, CEO of OneThing Technology
Mengqiu Wang, Founder and CEO of Zero Zero Robotics
Ying Zhou, General Manager, North America for Mobvoi
Weiwei Hu, Founder and CEO of Mobike

The panel topics focused on how Chinese technology influences and creates new trends and innovations. The latest developments from China are not limited to their native country, but are a part of the global technology community. With China Gathering, just a handful of China’s very best technology ambassadors can share this trend with the world’s premier interactive audience.

GeekPark is the pioneer technology community bridging the gap between China and the international stage.

“GeekPark is not only translating languages from one to the other, but bringing all people onto the same page, breaking invisible walls and barriers, and seeking a real mutual understanding,” said Mr. Peng Zhang. “With more and more Chinese companies going global, GeekPark aims to raise visibility and recognition of the growth and impact of technology, products and innovations from China on the worldwide community.”

Of these speaking companies, six of them were represented on the SXSW show floor from March 12th to March 15th: GeekPark, Zhihu, Baofeng Mojing, Philm, OneThing Technology, and Mobvoi.

News source: PRNewswire

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