Sony Will Now Let You Play PS4 Games Straight on Your PC

16 Mar

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Yup. God bless Sony. The company has announced that PlayStation 4 games are finally coming to PlayStation Now cloud gaming service. So basically, users will be able to stream PS4 games to either their PS4 or their PCs by paying a monthly subscription fees.

Up until now, the service allowed users to stream out of 450 games available with the PS Now subscription. You needed to shell out between $15 to $20 per month for a subscription, however, doing so gave eyou access to a huge variety of premium games that could also be played on PC.

In case you are wondering how such a thing is even possible, Sony launches games on its own servers, in its own data centers. The company then sends video feeds straight to your device. The game isn’t exactly being played on your console, everything is happening in the data centers and each of your commands are relayed and acted upon there only.

You get the impression that the game is being played on your device, by a video feed sent back to you in real time. We don’t really know exactly what games are going to mark their presence on the platform however, expect  Uncharted, Infamous, God of War and Little Big Planet to be among the lists.

Meanwhile, here are the check boxes Sony recommends you tick before attempting to play its games on your PC:

Sony could do a fair degree of renovation on its data centers to make them compatible with the undoubtedly huge strain playing and streaming PS4 games will put them through.

Microsoft is also set to offer similar services that might be a tad cheaper than Sony. However, the library of titles on offer will be probably be the deciding factor. And then there is the fact that you can play Sony’s games on your PC as well.

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