Cheetah Mobile brings Cheetah Ads to Europe with vertical video moments at Advertising Week

24 Mar

Cheetah Mobile Inc., the leading mobile utility and content app developer, today celebrated the launch of its Cheetah Ads division in the European market. Cheetah Ads will present this week at Advertising Week Europe, showcasing its strategy to serve vertical video ads for every kind of mobile moment.

Cheetah Ads works hand-in-hand with Cheetah Mobile’s diverse app portfolio, as well as exclusive partner, to bring beautiful, full-screen ads to the wide range of mobile experiences. Cheetah Ads reaches across pre-social interactions like AppLock, where brands can connect with users outside of popular social apps; to in-social moments in chart-topping apps and; smart personalized content in News Republic; and utility moments in apps like Clean Master and CM Security.

Cheetah Mobile will lead three sessions from The Guardian Stage at Advertising Week Europe this year. On March 20th, as part of the Mobile Track, Morden Chen, GM of Overseas Ad Sales, will discuss how to “Unlock the Key to Mobile Marketing” at 11:00AM. Later that afternoon, at 4:15PM, Jenny Quan, Executive Dean of Cheetah Lab, will present studies “Comparing Europe and China in the Mobile Era.” On March 22nd, as part of the Video Track, Michael Murray, Cheetah Mobile’s Director of Ad Sales, will offer his insights about “Transitioning to Vertical Video” at 9:30AM.

Cheetah Lab, Cheetah Mobile’s research group, released a new report today at Advertising Week Europe. Titled “China-Europe Mobile Synergy: Trends in User Behavior, Phone Brands and Advertising,” the report compares popular mobile apps across the Chinese and European markets, as well as the latest developments in mobile monetization.

Formerly known as Cheetah Ad Platform, Cheetah Ads leverages Cheetah Mobile’s artificial intelligence strength to make ads smarter for its 600+ million users around the world.

“Cheetah Ads enables European brand advertisers to intelligently reach their best audiences through the power of vertical video ads,” said Scarlett Xiao, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Business Development at Cheetah Mobile. “Europe remains one of Cheetah Mobile’s strongest markets, and we’re thrilled to introduce Cheetah Ads to clients here in London.”

“With guaranteed viewability and professional editing services, Cheetah Ads helps brands leave a strong impression with their vertical video ads,” stated Arther Wu, Senior Director of Monetization and Business Operations at Cheetah Mobile. “Our partner brands are seeing strong engagement for their vertical video campaigns on”

Cheetah Mobile has risen to become one of the top app developers in the world with over 612 million monthly active users worldwide, most of whom come from the under-30 mobile generation.

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