Initial Leaks for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 Are Here, Disappointingly No Drastic Changes Expected

10 Apr

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Post the release of the surprisingly innovative Surface Studio, we’ve now come to expect more of Microsoft’s hardware ambitions. The Redmond giant surely outdid itself last year, but we’re not sure if the same could be said for the upcoming hybrid computer release.

It has nearly been about eighteen months since the company released its Surface Pro 4 device and we’re now hearing murmurs about its upgrade — Surface Pro 5. And these leaks sound nothing like a bolt from the blue like we’d have expected them to be, which should have been the case because we didn’t get a new Surface Pro last year. But, it could probably be an iterative update over the predecessor and we might in for a disappointment.

Surface Book 2 rumors have been making rounds of the interwebs for quite some time, but leaks about the Surface Pro 5 were next to extinct. But, Paul Thurrott has today tweeted a tidbit about the upcoming Surface Pro 5 and it is the first time we have heard about the same. He reveals that the 2-in-1 hybrid computer is likely to retain the proprietary Surface power connector, the same as the previous generation Surface Pro 4.

The Redmond giant is retaining the power connector because it has previously committed to keeping the same, along with accessories such as docking stations, and Type Covers compatible with coming iterations. Microsoft ensured that Surface Pro 3 accessories were compatible with Surface Pro 4 and the same seems to be happening with the Surface Pro 5. This, however, does not mean that Surface Pro 5 wouldn’t include USB Type-C ports in favor of older technologies. It would enable Microsoft to further trim down on the size of the device, so why not!

Further, Thurrott states that the only change consumers should probably be excited for is more computing power. The Surface Pro 5 will feature Intel’s latest seventh-gen Kaby Lake processors coupled with upgraded RAM and internal memory specifications. And if Microsoft is looking to charge us higher for internal spec upgrades, then consumers (i.e you) should get excited about whopping price cuts for its predecessor — Surface Pro 4.

There are currently no more details available about the Surface Pro 5 and Microsoft has not officially confirmed any announcement. But, we wouldn’t have to wait much longer as the devices are expected to be unveiled at Redmond’s hardware-focused event in Spring this year. So, all we can do right now is keep out fingers crossed and hope for something better than this leak.


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