SensibleVision Launches “Spoof-Proof” Facial Authentication for Mobile and Desktop

10 Apr

Redefining how enterprises and users securely access their apps, mobile phones, tablets, and computers, SensibleVision today introduced a virtually spoof-proof facial recognition authentication solution that cannot be fooled with photographs or video. Based on 10 years of R&D that has generated six patents, SensibleVision is leading the charge to deliver secure and simple authentication on any device.

“The recent hack of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s facial scanner with a photograph is absolutely unacceptable – and it is also totally preventable,” says George Brostoff, Co-founder and CEO of SensibleVision. “Secure and simple authentication on all devices is a priority for today’s users who do everything from banking to sharing confidential medical information on their phones, tablets and computers. Our advanced approach leapfrogs current Liveness Detection technology with a patented simultaneous, multifactor authentication process that addresses a fundamental flaw in facial recognition: fooling software with a simple photograph.”

Many companies are avoiding biometrics, including face recognition, because of the ease of hacking them with photos and video. Fortunately, SensibleVision has a solution: simultaneous interaction. This approach recognizes the user’s face (something you are) while at the same time another identifier is captured that can range from a gesture, a fingerprint, choosing a secret shape on the screen, speaking a passphrase or even your GPS location (something you know, or another highly personal factor). Unlike other solutions, this entire process occurs in just 1-2 seconds. This not only speeds access but improves security while also delivering the benefits of multifactor authentication without the time-consuming complexity. SensibleVision now delivers a time-tested accurate authentication solution providing a convenient user experience that is much faster and more secure than current methods for accessing apps and devices.

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