LeEco Discontinues Its EcoPass Video Service in the United States

18 Apr

By Aditya Srivastava, The Tech Portal

LeEco continues to have a hard time in its United States undertakings. It’s US ventures have yet to establish themselves in the market and now it has confirmed that it is discontinuing its EcoPass content package service,

The Chinese hardware behemoth told TechCrunch:

We discontinued the EcoPass Beta program as of April 1. We are replacing EcoPass with 3-months of DirecTV NOW with every purchase of a LeEco ecophone or ecotv. 

Interestingly, the unfulfilled venture of establishing itself in the U.S. is not being viewed as a defeat, rather, the company  is calling it a good news for its customers. It says:

We believe this provides greater value to our customers since it has over 60 channels that include the latest movies and shows. We are committed to supporting those customers that did sign up for the services in EcoPass.

The service came with the regular LeEco bluster. It was introduced as a three months trial which came paired with the purchase of any one of the company’ new handset. It simply collected the features from different services and beautified it with cloud and warranty protection. It was mainly done to target Netflix, which is the primary service provider in the US.

However, it was more accurately an attempt to construct an English-language version of the video service upon which the company was initially developed. Before it started to build its own hardware, LeEco was a video service.

The decision of shuttering EcoPass is the latest bead in the thread of bad news the company has been a part of. The company has recently been undergoing some cash crisis, and is reportedly planning to dump the colossal piece of land it took from Yahoo. There has been some relief as well, in form of the recent funding it raised from a clutch of investors

Whatever is being said, it is a little hard to gulp these facts recalling the huge party which was thrown by the company for announcing its plans of bringing its phones, TV, bike, VR headsets and electric cars to U.S. Though the spokesperson have managed to paint a rosy picture through all these changes, the decisions certainly contradict to companies U.S. ambitions. There is a lot more in the picture which the company is giving away. Granted, the decision may have been strategically correct however, it is certainly at odds with LeEco’s US ambitions.