Microsoft Could be Working on Its Own Version of the Chromebook

25 Apr

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Google could soon have a competitor of its own scale where its Chromebooks are concerned. Apparently, Microsoft could be working on an operating system of its own that could put the company toe-to-toe with Google’s Chromebooks. And it appears as if an announcement of the same could follow at the Redmond giant’s event next month.

A device for students. This is a market that is bound to exists. I mean every student has his own copy and books right? So it only stands to reason that they will also have their own systems when education starts migrating from hard copies of books to soft ones. The market first surfaced in the last decade and saw an uprising of netbooks. However, attention later shifted to tablets as teh handier option.

Finally, attention shifted to Chromebooks. A lightweight operating system that was cheap and that could be easily controlled by the relevant IT department appeared to be the need of the hour. This was what caused a boom in sales with Google off-loading its Chromebooks in great numbers. Meanwhile, those who were expecting a Microsoft resurgence were disappointed as the company moved into high-end Surface books and appeared to disappear from the education niche altogether.

Well, it could be coming back. Next month will see the company host a major event that will lay its focus on education. And it is pretty clear where this could be going. New devices resembling the Chromebooks, or if resembling is a wrong word, then perhaps on par with the Chromebooks. The devices would need to be cheap, useful, controllable and equipped with the best in software.

And software of course is where Microsoft could have an edge over Google. Sre, Google has its G-Suite, but Microsoft’s Office offerings are no pushover and indeed, are often the first choice where professionals are involved. The fact that Google’s systems are all highly connected are a huge pls but still, Microsoft’s software comands a niche of its own.

We will know for sure once Microsoft holds its event, next month. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for something exciting.

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