Longsys develops comprehensive product line to expand market reach

31 May

Shenzhen Longsys Electronics became a leading flash memory manufacturer in just over a decade since it established in 1999. Longsys never ceases to increase product value and adjust to market demand, in conjunction with its longstanding philosophy of customization, localization and product differentiation, bringing about an international reputation in both industrial and consumer markets. In view of the increased memory needs in the IoT era, Longsys continues to actively seek new opportunities on one hand, and roll out cost-effective products for the general public on the other. Many of these products and applications will be on display at COMPUTEX 2017.

Longsys sees unsatisfied needs in different markets


Longsys’ vice president of sales Kevin Wang

“The Internet used to be a one-way flow of information. Systems were only required to enable websites to provide information feed to the consumer. Today, with more and more user-generated content and uploads online, storage methods have also become increasingly complicated,” Kevin Wang, Longsys’ vice president of sales, said of the changes in internet applications.

“This creates a need for storage capacities for users from individuals to online business, as long as they are creating content,” he added.

Looking into the next decade, storage will still be the basis of industry development. For example, sensors are the core components in both IoT and Internet of Vehicles (IoV). Sensors store detection data or images to allow later analyses. Nevertheless, IoV sensors have limited transmission speeds and capacities. IoV sensors are also unable to upload the complete sets of raw data, which would be inefficient and would take up too much bandwidth, according to Wang. “Data is first processed and analyzed before transfer,” he said.

Take smart cars for an example. Entry-level vehicles have cameras that will allow the cars to react to different scenarios after systems analyses. Higher-end vehicles are equipped with Lidar sensors, which store the data first, and then allow analyses. In addition, in-vehicle entertainment and GPS systems also need storage space. All of these create different needs, and Longsys vowed to stay abreast of the market trends and development in the smart car industry.


Longsys’ current PCIe SSD lineup

Cutting-edge technology to support smart storage

Smart storage solutions store data in the most effective way, users can save or access data at their fingertips without having to worry about read and write speeds. Wang also mentioned the use of different technology for different functions. For example, the write speed is particularly important for playing 4K and HD media content. Messaging and mail processing require multitasking ability of the SSD. Image analysis and segmented storage are essential for video capturing and surveillance footage processing.

As part of smart storage solutions, in addition to an access point that meets the needs of the users, the operating systems are needed to support the hardware. “Many issues arose when we used to use SSD with the Windows XP system. The situation became relatively stable with Windows 7, and finally met the bar with Windows 10.” In other words, powerful smart storage solutions are the results of both upstream suppliers and OS providers.


Longsys’ eMMC/eMCP/UFS products

PCIe may become neck-and-neck with SATA

NVMe PCIe SSD is Longsys’ main product this year. Although PCIe edges out SATA in performance, PCIe also carries a much higher price tag. “For the same capacity, our NVMe PCIe SSD product has the same price as the mainstream SATA SSD on the market,” Longsys SSD Product Director Zhong Mengchen said. He also believed that PCIe will gradually eat away at SATA’s market share, take on a leading role in storage devices for laptops, and become a mainstream storage interface in the market.

NVMe PCIe SSD uses 28nm PCIe Gen 3.0×2 controller and a 64-layer 3D TLC NAND Flash. The product comes in two sizes. NVMe M.2 2280 SSD is the most common size, and NVMe BGA SSD is a smaller size, the latter can be embedded to the motherboard like eMMC. Currently, Samsung and Toshiba are the only other brands that have BGA SSDs.

Although PCIe has better performance than SATA, it will still take some time to change the design in the host side. For that reason, for M.2 SSD, manufacturers can make the insertion site compatible with both PCIe and SATA, to lay the groundwork for popularizing PCIe SSDs.

In terms of mobile devices, Zhong is optimistic about the future of UFS. “Many flagship phones have adopted UFS. It will not take long until UFS takes over eMMC to become the major player in the market,” he said.


Longsys SSD Product Director Zhong Mengchen

Multi-faceted product management

Many countries are now emphasizing the importance of local production to create jobs domestically. However, not every module can be made locally. Longsys’ SDP ™ — SATA Disk in Package — is pre-packaged as modules at production sites locally, then installed to devices after being shipped to destination countries.


Longsys SDP ™(SATA Disk in Package)

To meet public demand, Longsys introduced MUP — mobile USB in Package — and cable-enabled flash drive to expand storage capacity and recharge devices at the same time.

Generally, as consumers place more emphasis on the performance and capacity, they also pay more attention to the product cost. Longsys focuses on building cost-effective products and creating products that best meet their clients’ needs with customization and differentiation. Longsys is also a firm supporter of local services to help its clients to move quickly to mass production. Looking into the future, Longsys has its eyes on the niche market. In addition to SATA, Longsys will also seek to satisfy the storage needs for embedded systems, and expand its share in the storage market — and even the OEM market — with high value storage solutions. Meanwhile, Longsys is also seeking to expand its presence in the storage market for enterprise. Longsys has invested a large number of resources into research and development, and has been communicating with its clients in order to introduce entry-level products for enterprise by the end of the year.

Longsys has a product show at Grand Hyatt Taipei during COMPUTEX 2017 from May 30-June 3. The show focuses on smart storage. Products to be on display include:

  1. High-speed NVMe SSD: P900 series NVMe PCIe SSD
  2. Firmware developed by Longsys: FORESEE®eMMC, eMCP and UFS
  3. Innovative USB products: Fingerprint USB Drive 3.0, TYPE-C USB 3.1
  4. High-speed smart memory card: Half SD
  5. IoT wireless SIP module: LTP 1218
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