After U.S setback, new opportunities may open for Indian IT companies in China

1 Jun

By Ashvita Anand, The Tech Portal

With Indian IT firms currently facing a setback in the US market due to H-1B visa concerns, a new opportunity in China has now opened up. This opportunity invites Indian IT companies to participate in the Big Data sector.

The Guizhou province in China had invited Rajendra Pawar, chairman of NIIT, to serve on its advisory committee as a member. The province intends to develop its Big Data business through international collaborations. NIIT, which already has a significant presence in China’s educational scenario, has now opened its largest big data training institution in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou.

In a statement to Times of India, Pawar said,

China has closely observed the phenomenon where Indian IT sector has grown by adding huge value to developed countries. This is why they would like to collaborate with Indian companies in a big way

Chinese companies are now looking to partner with Indian companies in huge, complex areas such as analysing large blocks of data and putting the results of his analysis to widespread use. In addition, these companies also want to invest in Indian startups. According to Gagan Sabharwal, the director of Nasscom, who led a delegation,

All companies in our delegation are hopeful of landing business in China. They are ready to invest in local presence, and work with local agencies

There has been active initiative taken by China to further relations with India in this aspect. The Communist Party secretary of Guiyang  Chen Gang has visited India twice, and claims to have developed immense respect for the capabilities of Indian IT companies.

Recently on May 25, China International Big Data Industry Expo 2017 opened in an international conference and exhibition center in Guiyang. The Expo was sponsored by MIIT and co-sponsored by the Guiyang government. The main highlight was blockchain technology, which is currently being used in the odd supply chain. The origin, development, and benefits of this technology were discussed at a summit that was attended by several eminent professional from the fields of science and technology.

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