Silicon Beach start-up reports early success of NameDrop, a powerful autofill app

2 Jun

NameDrop has announced a successful launch and first few months of active use centered around a California audience. The NameDrop app is an unusually far-reaching autofill app that is making life easier for thousands already by filling out forms easily and securely with the touch of a button.

The app goes beyond autofill however, as it is gaining early traction as a trade show app and conference app. Conference attendees have a wide variety of mobile apps for conferences from which to choose – each one taking care of a pain point such as building agendas or creating event reports. However, only NameDrop allows a person to fill in his or her information one time, then share it with others in-person, online or over the phone to network in a whole new way. Those on the receiving end benefit as well because they do not have to do any data entry. Because the NameDrop app is secure and adaptable and the information is always accurate, it is an enormous improvement over today’s standard autofill tools.

For the past few months, a handful of bridal shows were selected to feature NameDrop. Show attendees used the app to share their upcoming nuptial details with vendors by simply tapping their phone to a beacon.

“The brides and businesses loved it,” said NameDrop founder and CEO Stephen Van de Wetering. “It was a success on every front. Our goal is to eliminate the need for people to fill out forms or provide information verbally in every situation from DMV paperwork to restaurant reservations to car purchases.” At this rate and with rising brand ambassadors, they’ll achieve the goal very soon.

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