SecureRF to Host Webinar on IoT Security for Constrained Devices

11 Jul

SecureRF Corporation, a leading provider of quantum-resistant, public-key security tools for low-resource processors powering the Internet of Things (IoT), will host a free, one-hour webinar on IoT security for constrained devices at 12 pm EDT on Wednesday, July 19. Tailored for design engineers and product managers, SecureRF’s webinar will address low-resource device security methods, common security challenges, and future proofing IoT devices. Registration is now open.

With millions of small, low-resource devices connecting to the Internet each month, semiconductor vendors and IP builders must prioritize device authentication and data protection to remain competitive. As security-conscious engineers understand, the resource-constrained devices comprising the IoT have inherent limitations that make securing them a challenge. Most devices require authentication and data protection but don’t have the computing and memory resources to incorporate contemporary security solutions with acceptable runtimes and resource allocation. In the webinar, Louis Parks (CEO, SecureRF) and Derek Atkins (CTO, SecureRF) will discuss how to overcome such challenges, as well as a variety of other topics:

Available IoT security solutions
Why security is seldom implemented in IoT devices
The “lowest common-denominator” security approach – and a better alternative
Future-proofing devices
Industrial versus consumer IoT threats
Security budgeting
Registration is free and simple. To request a SecureRF IoT Embedded SDK, email Mike Donovan at

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