New Smart Gate Driver Photocoupler from Toshiba Features Improved Desaturation Sensing Function

13 Jul

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC)* has introduced a new, highly integrated, 4.0A output current smart gate driver photocoupler. Designed for use in driving medium-power IGBTs and power MOSFETs, the TLP5214A improves upon the desaturation sensing characteristics of current offerings[1]. By suppressing short-time pulse noise during switching and desaturation sensing, the TLP5214A contributes to safer operation.

Toshiba’s TLP5214A comes in a wide creepage distance SO16L package. It incorporates smart features, such as desaturation leading edge blanking time, desaturation filter time, and optimization of soft turn-off performance. The TLP5214A brings high-current, high-speed output control and provides output fault status feedback, making it suitable for applications including industrial inverters, solar energy inverters, servo amplifiers, and air conditioner inverters. It also contributes to a reduction of system costs and board space while improving overall power efficiency and reliability in these applications.

“The latest Gartner market report recognizes Toshiba as the leading manufacturer of optocouplers by sales in 2015 and 2016, with 23 percent of sale-based market share in 2016[2],” noted Joseph Tso, manager of optoelectronics of TAEC’s discrete business unit. “By adding the TLP5214A to our lineup, we are reinforcing our already strong position in the worldwide photocoupler market.”

Main Specifications
(Unless otherwise specified, Ta=-40 to 110℃. All typical values are at Ta=25℃)

Part number


Electrical characteristics

Peak output current

±4.0A (Max.)

Supply voltage

15 to 30V

Supply current

3.8mA (Max.)

Threshold input current

6mA (Max.)

Switching characteristics

Propagation delay time

150ns (Max.)

Propagation delay skew

-80 to 80ns

Protection function

IGBT desaturation detection

DESAT threshold voltage: 6.5V (typ.)

DESAT leading edge blanking time: 1.1μs (typ.)

DESAT filter time: 90ns (typ.)

Soft turn-off

DESAT sense to 10% delay time: 7μs (typ.) *Cg=25nF

DESAT sense to 10% delay time: 3.5μs (typ.) *Cg=10nF

Miller clamp (off)

Clamp pin threshold voltage: 2.5V (typ.)

Undervoltage-lockout (UVLO)

VUVLO+: 11.6V (typ.)

VUVLO-: 10.3V (typ.)

Isolation characteristics

Isolation voltage

5000Vrms (Min.)

Clearance distance

8.0mm (Min.)

Creepage distance

8.0mm (Min.)

Isolation thickness

0.4mm (Min.)

Pricing and Availability
The new photocouplers are available now. For more details, samples and pricing information, please contact your local Toshiba Sales Office.

[1] Toshiba’s TLP5214
[2] Gartner “Market Share: Semiconductor Devices and Applications Worldwide 2016”, March 30, 2016