Quantzig Completes Sales Force Effectiveness Assessment for the Medical Devices Industry

13 Jul

Global analytics and advisory firm Quantzig recently completed a sales force effectiveness analytics study for a leading medical device manufacturer. The goal of the study was to create a strong and effective sales force to engage with customers in an effective manner.

Customer engagement is important for organizations to drive sales, which can be attained through deployment of active sales force. Therefore, sales force effectiveness is a vital strategy which needs to be followed because it helps in identifying, prioritizing, and then closing gaps in the sales strategy, executing capabilities to capture specific growth opportunities.

According to Quantzig’s sales analytics team, “Through the help of analytics, healthcare and medical device companies can identify gaps in the sales force, which will lead to optimization of overall sales performance of the company. Analytics also helps in devising new strategies to accelerate lead generation, gain a thorough understanding of their funnel sales, and identify potential factors that generate and drive sales.”

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Quantzig’s latest sales force effectiveness analytics study identifies the growth drivers for obtaining a competitive salesforce in order to improve the sales performance of an organization.

This study provides insights such as:

  • Identification of key factors that drive sales
  • Detailed customer targeting model to support sales teams
  • Strategies to better sales force optimization and improve sales revenue
  • Customer analysis to identify new target products

View the study: https://www.quantzig.com/content/sales-force-effectiveness-analytics

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