Chuwi SurBook, the perfect alternative to Microsoft Surface Pro

28 Jul

“Powerful but Affordable” is the slogan which perfectly describes the Chuwi SurBook. In a recent Antutu test, the score for Chuwi SurBook exceeded 112.000, which are impressive marks as it is below the Apollo Lake N3450 processor.

Also, it’s in the shortlisted namelist of “The Best Windows 10 2-in-1 Tablets So Far “, according to the editorial team on

Apart from the above, why is it the perfect alternative to Surface Pro?

Both SurBook and Surface Pro features a 12.3 inch Samsung IGZO display panel with 2736*1824 resolution and 267 PPI, and 3:2 aspect ratio makes it comfortable when we browse web pages and handle office work.

In addition, they both are designed with an adjustable kickstand and a detachable backlit keyboard. Hence, this means converting the product from a tablet to laptop, would be extremely straightforward.

Memory & Storage:
In terms of ROM, Surface Pro is settled on one choice with a 128GB version, while Chuwi SurBook offers 2 versions to choose from, including a 64GB and 128GB. However, when it comes to RAM, SurBook is the winner with an extra 2GB, which will run more smoothly when browsing web pages and switching from one app to another. Let alone, they both support massive TF expansion to 128GB.

This is the exact part where Chuwi Surbook greatly overtakes Surface Pro. Surface Pro only provides 1* USB 3.0 port. If you look at the product, you would find that Chuwi SurBook comes with not only 2* USB 3.0 ports, there’s a USB Type-C as well to provide audio/video transmission. The bottom line is, it’s so lightweight, but it makes a great portable office helper.

Given the fact that it’s compatible with PD2.0 protocol to support up to 20V charging efficiency, so if you already have the PD2.0 charger, that is a bonus taking Chuwi Surbook home.

Chuwi SurBook shares some amazing features with Surface Pro, and it certainly performs well when it comes to connectivity and the price tag it carries along. Around 1,050 US dollars for a Surface Pro set, however, it would only cost you merely half the price at $429 to get a set of the Chuwi Surbook.

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