High-end Portable Fingerprint Lock Can Be Unlocked with a Finger

31 Jul

Topmore, a Taiwanese tech brand, is famous for designing and manufacturing their Capacitive-Type Fingerprint Proof devices. Now, it has launched a fingerprint-recognition padlock, featuring high security and easy-to-use. The new product has hit the market, on the heels of the company’s fingerprint USB, which impacts the markets with a very good market reception, both featuring the company’s capacitive-type fingerprint-recognition technology, with virtually zero cracking rate. With licensing from Marvel Studios, the fingerprint padlock comes in three models, “Iron Man,” “Captain America,” and “Thor,” with a cool and stylish metal body, it is indeed the best choice for Marvel fans.

Unique Design with a Heroic Aura

The three models have a design for appearance and package on the basis of the three heroic figures and are attached with their nameplates. The metal body tinted with the unique colors of the heroes, projecting a quality feel.

Capacitive-Type Fingerprint Recognition Technology Virtually Impossible to Crack

Thanks to years of hardworking R&D, Topmore possesses cutting-edge patented capacitive-type fingerprint-recognition technology, featuring speedy and accurate fingerprint recognition and it is virtually impossible to crack with nonviolent method. Each set of the newly debuted padlocks can store up to 30 sets of fingerprints and with built-in easy-to-read light indicator and beep sound to tell the status. The hook design can applied to almost all kinds of handbags or lockers and it can be opened simply by applying your fingerprints. You could say goodbye to keys or try to memorize different codes for different locks. With certified approval, the padlocks can stand up to 20-30 kg of tension or torque force.

Original Taiwanese Design, Free Technological Support

During the R&D and production process, the padlocks underwent rigorous testing and have passed FCC and CE certifications, assuring their quality. One-year warranty and free technological support are available.

Sales Information on Topmore Fingerprint-Recognition Padlocks

Items Photos Retail price(NT$) Release Date
“Iron Man” model  

1980 2017/6/8

“Captain America” model


1980 2017/6/8
“Thor” model  

1980 2017/6/8

Specifications of the three Topmore padlocks

Size:67.20 × 26.20 × 10.00 mm(L × W × H)

Weight:39 g

Battery:50mA/h Li-ion Battery

Input voltage:DC5V

Hardness of fingerprint sensor:6H

Lock opening time:Less than one second

Pulling resistance:20-30kg

1200 times of usage for every charge

※The locks do not have TSA approval

One-year warranty, free technological support


Marketing information: 

Online sales: Yahoo Shopping/Yahoo Mall/PChome24/MOMO/UDN/Etmall/U-mall/Rakuten

Exhibition:2017 “Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N-Taipei”

Exhibition period:June 9-Sept. 10, 2017

Exhibition time:11:00-21:30(Last entry at 21:00) Sunday through Thursday; 11:00-22:00(Last entry at 21:00), Friday and Saturday

Venue: Banquet and Exhibition Hall, A9 9th fl., Xinyi Place, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi

Address: 9th fl., No. 9, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei

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