In Joint Efforts with Users, 5KPlayer’s Version 4.6 has Just Got Smarter

10 Aug

Anything but a tagline, DearMob’s 5KPlayer version 4.6 for Windows is the most user-centered upgrade. The customer feedbacks collected through its history-wide open channel, listened to and operated by sophisticated architects of this free media player – gave rise to the brand-new multi-tasking download kernel capable of 4-thread online video downloading, the automatic subtitle loading feature, as well as other exciting improvements to wow the users both old and new by how smart the player can be.

With the technical details, MKV and MP4 playback support and hardware acceleration of this free media player growing mature, DearMob decides to switch its strategic upgrade plan towards a more user-oriented path to enable ample development of its 3 functions to perfection: video and music playback, online video download and AirPlay mirroring, highlighting the download category with the special multi-thread processing capability this time for version 4.6. The free fast video downloader can now run as many as 4 simultaneous downloading tasks on a quad-core processor at one stroke, thus driving any computer into a genuine effective machine as long as there is sufficient network support.

Released together is an absorptive multi-channel system to extensively take in user feedbacks: suggestions submitted through Facebookofficial DearMob support email shall be heard and responded before they land on the next blueprint of major upgrade.

So far, quite a number of successful functions add-on or re-write have been released attributing to the concerted efforts of DearMob’s developers and the creative users as one, and as of the step forward,

“We’re working on more exciting new features for the next version of 5KPlayer to finish what we’ve started here,” said Houston Xu, product manager of 5KPlayer.

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