Universiade Taipei 2017 Opens its Curtains with the Largest Floor LED Display

21 Aug

The 29th Summer Universiade, an international multi-sports event organized by the International University Sports Federation (FISU), opened its curtains on 19th August in the city of Taipei, Taiwan. The opening ceremony was highlighted with the world’s largest floor LED display right in the middle of the main venue Taipei Municipal Stadium.

The Taiwanese Aboriginal patterning (Image: CTS)

The entire lighting project was bidden by Uniplan Taiwan, a public relations agency. Overall, there are six enormous LED displays deployed in the Taipei Municipal Stadium, four on all sides of the stadium and the other two combined together as the biggest of its kind floor LED display for performances at both the opening and closing ceremony.

The Taiwanese Aboriginal patterning, flowers, and the Taipei Prefecture Capital North Gate. (Images: CTS)

The two floor LED displays were temporarily removed after the opening ceremony but will be re-deployed before the closing ceremony on 30th of August, while the LED video walls at four sides will be installed for the whole time as scoreboards and for live streaming of the sports event.

The Logo of FISU and the presentation of night markets in Taipei (Images: CTS)

The ultra large floor LED display are provided by a Beijing-based customized display equipment company Starlight, which is famous for its LED floor module SLT-DP-010 with a pixel pitch of 10mm and a pixel configuration of 1R1G1B. It is reported that Starlight offered the Taipei City Government LED modules similar but larger than the SLT-DP-010 so that fewer modules were needed during the installation.

The LED floor displayed a massive wafer and a printed circuit board as symbols of the technology industry in Taiwan. (Images: CTS)

It would require at least 23,438 units of the SLT-DP-010 modules, each of which is sized in 320mm*160mm, to construct an ultra large floor display as such of approximately 1200 square meters. If a bigger LED module is adopted, the amount used for the floor display can be controlled within a range of around 5000 units. Each module integrated is cased with a layer of acrylic material to support weights a few times more than that of a regular person. In addition, it is also IP65 certified.

The ultra large floor LED display performed outstanding color saturation at night and low latency when signalled to switch images. However, a slight color shift was still noticed in some pixels.

A football pitch was presented during the performance. (Image: CTS)

A DJ panel was shown when Taiwanese pop artist Leehom Wang was performing. (Image: CTS)

Article by: Eva Huang, LEDinside

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