Edmentum and Renaissance Announce Partnership to Provide Adaptive, Personalized Student Learning Paths

25 Aug

Edmentum, a leading provider of web-based learning solutions, has announced a collaboration with Renaissance, the leader in pre-K–12 learning analytics, to combine proven online assessment with adaptive instruction. The computer-adaptive Renaissance Star Assessments will be integrated into Exact Path, Edmentum’s K–8 individualized learning solution, delivering targeted, assessment-driven data and instruction to teachers and students across the country. In addition, Exact Path will be integrated with Renaissance Flow 360, a new offering that connects assessment, planning, instruction, and practice in one place.

“Edmentum is dedicated to making it easier for educators to individualize instruction,” said Edmentum CEO Jamie Post Candee. “This integration brings together two powerful programs, Exact Path and Star Assessments, to deliver student-centric, adaptive instruction to the classroom. By collaborating with Renaissance, we are offering schools and districts the flexibility to use the successful programs that they already have in place to deliver targeted instruction to all of their students.”

Renaissance’s Star Assessments allow teachers to see precisely what students have mastered, what goals they need to reach, and what the optimal path is to proficiency. Exact Path delivers targeted learning paths full of rich, mobile-optimized content that is paced to students’ needs. Educators who use Star will soon be able to import Renaissance’s powerful student assessment results directly into Exact Path. Students will then receive a precise placement into Exact Path’s high-quality, instructionally sound curriculum, allowing teachers to spend more time teaching and less time planning.

“In collaborating with Edmentum, our goal is to provide teachers with data-driven solutions that help them improve student outcomes,” says Paula O’Gorman, senior vice president of strategic partnerships at Renaissance. “We’re committed to continually innovating our solutions to meet the needs of educators, and in the many conversations we’ve had with Edmentum about this collaboration, it’s clear they share this same goal. It’s great to see this vision come to fruition by working together on a solution that gives time back to teachers to focus on what they truly do best—creating valuable learning experiences in the classroom.”

This collaboration is a part of the Renaissance Growth Alliance™, an initiative designed to enable integrated solutions between best-in-class instructional providers with Renaissance’s planning, assessment, and practice solutions to drive a holistic view of student growth and performance. Schools or districts using Star Assessments or Exact Path should keep an eye on the Edmentum or Renaissance website for more details on when this integration will become available. Please contact Edmentum for further information.

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