iViu Technologies and Digital Mortar Announce a Strategic Partnership for in-Store Retail Optimization

26 Sep

iViu Technologies and Digital Mortar have created a strategic partnership to drive world-class in-store analytics for retail. iViu provides highly-accurate, scalable and cost-effective data collection for the in-store customer journey. Digital Mortar delivers a sophisticated SaaS platform for advanced retail analytics and store optimization. The partnership creates an integrated, easy-to-deploy, and comprehensive solution that offers retail clients a way to understand shopper behavior in-store, optimize store operations and marketing, and deliver a complete omni-channel journey solution.

According to Jesse Gross, CAO of Digital Mortar, using iViu’s data collection technology with Digital Mortar’s DM1 SaaS solution is an ideal combination. “Retailers who’ve tried location analytics systems have struggled with data collection. It’s often expensive, hard to deploy and not accurate. iViu solves all three of those problems and enables fleet-wide, detailed customer-level measurement. The iViu data collection system unlocks DM1’s advanced analytics, customer segmentation and associate optimization capabilities.”

Chris Turner, CEO of iViu Technologies says that not only is the technology combination innovative, but the need is critical. “Physical retail is incredibly disrupted. To compete with digital, stores need to deliver better experiences. This is a difficult task and getting it right takes measurement and continuous improvement. With the data we provide and the analytics Digital Mortar delivers, retailers can understand how shoppers navigate their stores, what works and what doesn’t. It’s a way to bring the best of digital methods for optimization to the physical retail store.”

The partnership has already started with the first joint-event taking place at the Shop.org show in Los Angeles, September 2017.

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