3DVerify from SensibleVision Delivers Mobile Authentication in All Lighting Conditions

4 Oct

SensibleVision, a developer of 3D facial recognition technology for the mobile industry, today announced that 3DVerify, a face-scanning solution that allows secure access to mobile devices regardless of available light, has passed tests that prove that it works in broad daylight. The company holds six patents from a decade of research into biometric authentication and their solutions have been deployed on over 10 million devices.

Based on the recent announcement regarding Apple’s iPhone X, 3D facial recognition solutions are positioned to become the de facto approach for authenticating users on mobile devices, replacing passwords, fingerprint readers, and iris scanners. However, while most 3D cameras have performed acceptably in low light and normal office environments, they have historically had difficulty resolving 3D depth details outdoors, especially in bright sunlight.

Because mobile device users today often find themselves in brightly lit settings, either outdoors or indoors next to a window, existing mobile 3D face recognition has typically failed or fallen back to standard 2D recognition. 3DVerify provides fast and secure, spoof proof 3D facial recognition that is consistently accurate in all lighting conditions – even direct sunlight.

“We find it interesting that despite all the excitement around the recently announced 3D facial scanning solution, the leading providers have been silent as regards delivering successful results in bright light,” said Cyrus Azar, CTO and co-founder of SensibleVision. “I personally believe the 3DVerify solution is currently the best on the market for 3D facial recognition precisely because it works everywhere.”

To provide 3DVerify, SensibleVision has partnered with several 3D camera innovators, including pmdtechnologies, the world’s leading developer of 3D Time-of-Flight depth sensing technology. “As Apple redefines the future of innovative authentication solutions, we’re thrilled to enable OEMs by providing pmd’s depth sensing technology and SensibleVision’s 3DVerify solution, delivering rapid and efficient authentication for devices regardless of lighting conditions,” says Bernd Buxbaum, founding CEO of pmdtechnologies.

For a video demonstration of how 3DVerify works, click here.

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