Frederique Constant Launches Digital Transition to the Cloud with Fuze

4 Oct

Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications solution provider for the global enterprise, has been selected by Frederique Constant, a Swiss manufacturer of luxury wristwatches, to modernize its business communications approach. The move to Fuze initiates a company-wide digital transformation strategy in which Frederique Constant will migrate all business software and services to the cloud.

Under the leadership of IT Solutions and Infrastructure Manager Francisco Manzano, Frederique Constant is rolling out the Fuze Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform for all employees, alongside a video conference room solution and headsets from Logitech, at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. In a matter of weeks, the company saw 90 percent of employees move away from desk phones and adopt softphones, seamlessly integrating Fuze’s online meeting rooms, video conferencing, and messaging features.

As part of a broader shakeup at Frederique Constant to cut costs and improve the quality of communications across the business, Fuze replaces multiple communications tools at Frederique Constant and introduces an intuitive, consumer-like experience to communication and collaboration across the organization. In addition to removing the need to support multiple tools, Fuze is expected to significantly reduce the level of shadow IT by minimizing the need for employees to download and use a number of communication apps unsanctioned or unsupported by the IT department.

“As a growing company, we spend a great deal of time building relationships with our clients, who are based all over the world,” said Manzano. “We were struggling with the large costs from multiple vendors in our IT infrastructure, as well as the poor quality of local network coverage. We are already seeing huge savings of 33 percent by introducing Fuze in our head office. By next year, we expect all our sales managers and mobile workers around the globe to be using this system. Its features have not only improved our internal communications, but also our ability to build relationships with our clients through a seamless calling experience and improved collaboration.”

Fuze’s unmetered international calling also allows Frederique Constant to control the cost of global communications between its Swiss headquarters and offices in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France and the United States. By removing the requirement to support and update on-premise tools and manage multiple software licensing contracts, Frederique Constant expects to see additional cost savings.

“Fuze provides global organizations such as Frederique Constant with the flexibility to scale rapidly, with a platform that delivers true collaboration and modern communications for the enterprise,” commented Kris Wood, Vice President EMEA, Fuze. “Ambitious companies need the flexibility of a cloud-first solution to avoid the challenges faced with unpredictable costs and poor-quality networks.”

The next phase of the deployment will involve rolling out Fuze across Frederique Constant’s subsidiaries in Switzerland, the United States, and EMEA.

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